Gift coupons

Gift coupons

Order gift coupons for Jimmy’s Fun Park online now - it’s very easy using this form! The gift coupons can be redeemed for admission, shops or in our restaurant. Of course gift coupons are still available from the cashier or by phone (+49 (0)8205-969492)

Gift coupon value Euro (min. 10, max. 200)

I will transfer the amount to the following bank account

Jimmy’s Fun Park
IBAN DE15 7205 1210 0560 1939 06
Sparkasse Aichach-Schrobenhausen

When the money has been received by Jimmy’s Fun Park, I will be sent the gift coupon in 1-3 days by e-mail to the following address:

Street address
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Please remember to transfer the value of the gift coupon to Jimmy’s Fun Park!
You will be sent the coupon by e-mail after we have received the money. Then you can fill in the name of the recipient (»Gift coupon for . . .«).
You can print this page for reference. You will receive a copy of your order automatically by E-Mail.

Jimmy’s Fun Park
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