Carnival Event

Carnival Weeks

Live Shows in February 2023

Big carnival party on Monday, February 20th

  • Costumed children will receive two extra tokens!
  • Candy shower from the volcano
  • Raffle with 10 prizes for the attendant guests
  • At 1 pm: Live Show with Paartalia from Aichach, Motto »Nachts im Museum«
  • At 3.30 pm: Live Show with »Zell ohne See« from Griesbeckerzell, Motto »5 Jahreszeiten«

Live Shows

Sa, Schromlachia (Schrobenhausen)
»Schromlachia rockt / Samba de Brasil«
So, Tanzstudio Effekt (Kissing)
»10 Years of Dancing«
Sa, FFC Augsburg
»Piraten – folgt dem Ruf«
So, Finndonia (Finningen)
Mo, 20.02.all day Big Rosenmontag carnival party
All children in costumes will get two extra tokens!
Candy shower / Raffle
 13.00 Paartalia (Aichach)
»Nachts im Museum«
 15.30 Zell ohne See (Griesbeckerzell)
»5 Jahreszeiten«

Opening hours

Today (21.07.) we are open from 10.00-19.00.

Tomorrow (22.07.) we are open from 14.00-19.00.

(Independent of weather)
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri:
2 pm–7 pm
Tuesdays closed (on Bavarian school days only)
Sat, Sun, Bavarian public or school holidays:
10 am–7 pm
Company holidays:
July 29–Aug 29, 2024
Closed days:
24–26 Dec, 31 Dec, 1 Jan
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